Video Rewind :: Wreck This Journal Was The Seed


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What really inspired me to start making videos was participating in Jamie Ridler‘s Wreck This Journal online book club she hosted years ago.

Each week we were encouraged to write a blog post or make a video sharing our experience with Keri Smith‘s Wreck This Journal–and well, I was on summer break from teaching with an abundance of time on my hands!

There’s a total of nine videos and if you hit play you can watch them in order!

What’s important to note about these videos, at least to me, is that through playing around every week I was able to learn so much about making and editing videos as well as begin to discover what my voice was online.

This is huge, I feel.


So many people think you need to have a business plan all typed up and double spaced or a logo printed on business cards and letterhead or maybe a few grand sitting silently in the bank to start a business.   But I feel that sure, all that stuff could be helpful, but its not really necessary.

These Wreck This Journal videos were the seed of my online business as I know it today.

Right here–in these goofey, playful, unsophisticated videos.

I made these videos purely for fun and it gained me loads of exposure, opened up tons of opportunity, and showed me that I could create something powerful from just being me.

You should try it sometime too!

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