I Had A Date Set & Nothing Else!


It was 2010, I was speaking on a live video chat with the FEARLESS® Painters in my very first BIG, when I simply stated that I would be hosting my first FEARLESS® Painting retreat in Sedona, Arizona the following year—all invited!!


Immediately the women got excited and started dreaming and scheming on how they could make the pilgrimage to this amazing gathering.

And even though I had the absolute audacity to then take down my calendar and clearly state the dates to them when this shin-dig would be happening…little did they know that I had no clue where–or even 100% how this retreat was going to unfold.

Total Alignment retreat. Sedona, Arizona. 2012.

Hosting a FEARLESS® Painting retreat in Sedona had been marinating in my heart for a very long, long time and I prefer to think that Spirit was working through me when I ran my mouth off before having all the details in place…but let’s face it– I was a bit overzealous!

From one Creative Soul to another, I wouldn’t recommend doing things this way.

But the truth is,  Total Alignment wasn’t my first workshop/ retreat I ever hosted.  A year earlier I hosted Creative Dig in Cleveland and in my 8 years of working at the Cleveland Museum of Art I was always organizing and launching some kind of beautiful workshop or event and not to mention all the extracurricular workshops and Fall Festivals I put together as a full time elementary art teacher!  (Like I said earlier, I’ve been doing this work all my life!)

Believe me, I’ve had to learn a lot of the do’s and don’ts the hard way!

Plus, I’ll be honest…I had a few workshops that never saw the light of day as well, because attendance was too low to hold it or not one person actually signed up.

Total Alignment retreat.  Sedona, Arizona. 2013

So seriously, I’m not blowing hot air when I say I wish I had a Creative Circles Guidebook when I was starting out.  It would have been HUGELY beneficial — not only in helping plan and organize all the details that go into a live event — but also to have a foundation on what one should do to hold the space energetically and make sure things flow with ease.

That’s why I created the Creative Circles Guidebook.

I believe in women coming together to create together.  I believe in this “work” with all my heart.  So the more women who feel confident and empowered to get out there and start sharing their gifts in this way  makes me very, very happy.

I want you to be successful.  So forget years of figuring it all out on your own….all you need to know to get started is contained in this 44 page + 4 audios Guidebook.

Then it’s up to you to do the rest….the world is waiting for your magic!

Now c’mon! Go HERE to get started!


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