Meet Cathy Bluteau & Dion Dior of 21 Secrets Fall!



From now until October 1st, every Friday here at Dirty Footprints Studio, Hali Karla the new 21 SECRETS Creative Director, is honoring the amazing teachers of 21 SECRETS Fall  by personally introducing each of them to you here! We are certain that you will love these artists as much as we do! Be sure to check out each artist’s links & come join us in 21 SECRETS Fall this October!  To see past teachers in this series just click HERE.

Cathy Bluteau is an artist who loves color, technique and inspiring others to explore their own creativity! After years of blogging and creating with this passion, she recently left a corporate job to now pursue her art fulltime, bringing into the world gorgeous mixed media, collage and doodle art, classes and fodder. at Cathy Michaels Design. She first taught in 21 Secrets back in 2013, and her workshop was such a hit that we just had to bring her back to join us with a fresh workshop for the new ebook format. She’s going to show us transfer techniques to inspire in Silhouette Transfer and Glaze!

Read Cathy’s official bio HERE and visit her website HERE.

Simply put, Dion Dior is a brilliant art teacher – and I tend to think it is because she has an adventurous spirit and has spent her whole life making art, inspired by a deep love of nature. She approaches her art practice with curiosity, a sensitive eye and great skill with her tools, and her resulting pages feel like a celebration of color! She is also a 21 Secrets alumni – and we are honored and thrilled to have her splashing her inspiration into the new ebook format as well with her workshop, Splash & Scribble!

Read Dion’s official bio HERE and check out her website HERE.

21 Secrets Fall is on sale now!

GO HERE for more info!

Meet me here next Friday when I introduce 21 Secrets Fall teachers Donna Mulholland and Erica Simpson!


This beautiful post was written by Hali Karla, the 21 SECRETS Creative Director.

Hali is an artist passionate about cultivating holistic creativity. She enjoys gathering artists, healers and visionaries for collaborations, workshops and circles. Her soulful perspective and background as a nurse offers a meaningful framework for how she guides others, which has been described as nurturing safe space for truth-telling, healing and courageous transformation. Celebrating our wholeness through imagery and presence, she encourages trust in body, nature, and intuitive expression as a way toward vitality and joy. Grounding in her own daily creative practice, you can see her current musings at

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