Meet Donna Mulholland & Erica Simpson of 21 Secrets Fall!



From now until October 1st, every Friday here at Dirty Footprints Studio, Hali Karla the new 21 SECRETS Creative Director, is honoring the amazing teachers of 21 SECRETS Fall  by personally introducing each of them to you here! We are certain that you will love these artists as much as we do! Be sure to check out each artist’s links & come join us in 21 SECRETS Fall this October!  To see past teachers in this series just click HERE.

Donna Mulholland’s artwork vibrates with joyful energy and her love of color! A Canadian artist and creativity coach, she is living a realized dream of having her own studio and gallery space, and is passionate about encouraging others to live the life they dream and love. She is going to guide a lesson on just that idea in her watercolor workshop for journaling, Ten Years From Now! It’s always good to get clear and let loose with our dreams in the pages, don’t you think?

Read Donna’s official bio HERE and visit her website HERE.

There is a softness, a safety to the inspiration Erica Simpson shares. It is intentional and thoughtful – the kind of insight that comes to someone who observes the world through the lens of her creative spirit. What I love about Erica is that she finds refuge and truth for navigating life in her creative practice, whether she’s shooting photos, painting, collaging, writing or art journaling. She’s going to lead us on a soulful journey of shifts and reclamation in her altered book workshop, Flip The Script!

Read Erica’s official bio HERE and check out her website HERE.

21 Secrets Fall is on sale now!

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Meet me here next Friday when I introduce 21 Secrets Fall teachers France Papillon and Jamie Ridler!


This beautiful post was written by Hali Karla, the 21 SECRETS Creative Director.

Hali is an artist and writer passionate about cultivating holistic creativity. She enjoys gathering artists, healers and visionaries for collaborations, workshops and circles. Her soulful perspective and background as a nurse offers a meaningful framework for how she guides others, which has been described as nurturing safe space for truth-telling, healing and courageous transformation. Celebrating our wholeness through imagery and presence, she encourages trust in body, nature, and intuitive expression as a way toward vitality and joy. Grounding in her own daily creative practice, you can see her current musings at

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