I’m Painting Big Again, Thank You


On the night of the lunar eclipse I tacked up some vellum bristol to my studio wall, set up my paintbrushes all nice and neat, filled my water bucket halfway and then went off to bed.

I just can’t deny it anymore.  There’s this nagging happening in my heart.

I’m feeling a great pull into the wide unknown that a large piece of paper possesses.

So the next morning I rose before sunrise and instead of sitting in meditation, instead of rolling out my yoga mat, I greeted my paints with slumber still crusted in the corner of my eyes.

The white of the blank page was whispering mantras intended to help my heart open like it hasn’t done in quite awhile.

Sometimes I wish a painting was just a painting — and I could leave all this process stuff behind.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have such a burning desire to hold a paintbrush — and all the mystery of my Soul could lie dormant waiting for another lifetime.

But no, this is my path.  This is what I’m here to do.

Sometimes I surrender to it.  Other times I don’t.

Neither is better — neither is more right or wrong.

It’s just the journey we all take as creatives — as Artists — as seekers for the wisdom that’s buried deep inside.


PSST…..If you want to paint BIG with me too….you can.  Go HERE to get started!

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