2015 Is The Year To IGNITE Your Dreams Of Teaching Creativity!


Early this morning I sat in circle one last time with the amazing women from my IGNITE 2014 program that ended today.  I listened closely as they told great stories of courage, release, growth, and most of all creativity that they experienced over our time together.

When I hung up the phone, a deep sense of peace washed over me.

IGNITE is a beautiful program.

It helps women claim their true authentic voice as an Artist and provides them with the tools needed to shine their light brightly in the world as both a teacher and a leader.

When they started, many of the women in IGNITE hadn’t even created a video or written a blog post.  Many of them were even nervous to speak out loud on the phone.  So imagine how exciting it is to hear that their plans for 2015 includes truly expressing themselves and helping others do the same!

Yes, videos, blogging, and of course the mechanics of teaching are a BIG part of the work we do in IGNITE — but the true magic happens from the deep Soul Work that each woman embraces to arrive at the point where they are willing to fully shine.

The women I spoke with today are not the same women who sat on our opening call this past Summer.  They are more confidant as Artists, more centered in their Being, and definitely more open in their hearts.

It is an honor to do the work that I do.  I feel so blessed to be surrounded by women who believe in and work hard to make their dreams come true.  Together we are changing the world one brushstroke – one art journal – one Artist at a time.

Today, as the women of IGNITE 2014 step powerfully into the next chapter of their Artist journey, I welcome with open arms and a warm heart, the women who feel called deeply to join me in my 2015 session of IGNITE starting in March.

How do you know if IGNITE is the program for you? Well…

  • Do you dream of bringing art and creativity to others but have no clue (or confidence) on how to?  Do you long to live a creative life — one where you marry your work and passion– and you thrive at it!!?
  • Do you believe that Art can transform lives — heal — make a brighter tomorrow — build community?  Or better yet, you know that it does because it happened to you!
  • Are you an Artist that is ready to bring your message of healing, hope, and joy into the world through teaching and business and are seeking the tools and methods to do so powerfully?
  • Or are you a healer, a sacred space holder, coach, yoga teacher, or activist that is eager to bring creativity into your practice because you know it will help your clients go deeper?

Are you shaking your head yes! yes! yes!?

Then I encourage you to learn more about IGNITE  by CLICKING HERE and consider joining me and a circle of kindred Souls this March.

Plus, to provide an intimate supportive environment to do this deep Soul Work, space is very limited in IGNITE (and sells out quickly each year).  Just yesterday I announced IGNITE to  the  2014 waiting list and already 4 spaces have been claimed.

And please, if you have any questions or things you would like to discuss, don’t hesitate to email me.  Actually, I prefer that you do so before saying yes — let’s make sure that IGNITE is the right program for you.  Let’s make sure this is a perfect fit!

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