21 SECRETS Conversations With Connie Hozvicka


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For today’s final episode of 21 SECRETS Conversations 2014 the tables are turned when Hali Karla asks me “What has your journey as an artist been like?”  I have to admit, I experienced a lot of  resistance in answering this question myself!  But I’m happy to give you a peek into some of the pivotal moments in my journey as an artist so far!

And yes, this is the final episode of 21 SECRETS Conversations 2014, though I joyfully look forward to sharing another season of these amazing conversations with you next year as well!  So please be sure to sign up for the 21 SECRETS Conversations email updates BY CLICKING HERE.

Did you miss an episode or two?  No worries — simply CLICK HERE to scroll through each episode.

I hope that you were as moved by this project as much as I was!!!

Happy Art Journaling!


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