My Wish For You


When I opened my front door this morning the clouds were painted in prussian blue and looked like God textured them with a goose feather before stretching them clear across the sky.  She left just a tiny brush stroke of cobalt to hint at the seamless sky behind them.

How I wish I took a photo to share with you.  It felt grand and spectacular –like a 3-D movie or a love poem found in the back of an antique jewelry box.  But instead I chose to absorb the scenery into my bright pink cycling jacket and head on with my morning ritual of bike riding before sunrise.

There is so much to be grateful for in this Life.  So many blessings that are constantly unfolding right before our eyes.  From the migration of clouds to the sound of trucks driving by, to the way cold air pierces our earlobes and how our hearts always ache and sing and long to share the details of this one precious life.

There is so much I am truly grateful for and certainly  I am grateful for you.  I am grateful for the space your Spirit holds in my life. Even if we have never met or spoken to each other directly, I am grateful to share this journey of being an artist with you during this very important era in time.

As you open your heart and spread your arms to embrace a New Year, I hope that the sky will shower you in blessings and that the world will always support you with its magic.

My prayer for you, dear Creative Heart, is that the struggles you experienced in 2014 will be the compost that nourishes your dreams and creativity in 2015.

Thank you for being a part of the Dirty Footprints Studio community.  Wishing you the joyous of New Years!

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