Paint FEARLESS® Mexico


I believe every artist needs time to slip out of their daily routine and into a world that is unfamiliar and dripping with inspiration.  It’s these special pockets of time and sacred places where responsibilities are put on hold that we begin shedding old beliefs and aligning ourselves with new beginnings.  It’s in these moments especially when our creativity heightens and unravels openly and freely.

I always think of these retreats as passageways.

For almost a decade I have made it my practice to grab my paintbrushes and immerse myself in a foreign landscape at least once a year.  It’s where I renew my spirit, get clear on my creative intentions, and hear the truth that is calling me.

This year I am making that magical place Oaxaca City, Mexico.   When my dear friend Lisa Sonora suggested her studio to me for a personal retreat of my own, how could I say no?

But this time I’ve decided to do something different.  Something I’ve never actually done before.  Something that is really tugging at my heart.

I want to spend half of my own personal retreat actually FEARLESS® Painting with you.

This is my call to gather artists that know the pleasures of being a stranger in a foreign land.  Who are ready for their hearts to dance from the sweet sound of Spanish splashing in their ears.  Who can already smell the scent of cinnamon, fresh chili pepper, and mangos lingering on their finger tips.  Whose eyes  long to feast upon the colors, textures, and patterns that give Mexico its true flavor.  And who want to soak it all in with their paintbrush in hand!

Oaxaca is simply the landscape that will hold us together for five days.  The real journey will happen when you Paint FEARLESS® with me.

Paint FEARLESS® Mexico is NOT about sight seeing.  It’s about deep diving.  It’s about crafting a world for yourself as an artist and taking that home with you wrapped inside your paintings.

You’ll leave Paint FEARLESS® Mexico owning your bigness,  discovering the pearls of your creative process, and shining brightly as the unique and empowered artist that you are.

But you’re going to have to do a lot of FEARLESS® Painting to get there.

Sound like fun?

Then come join me.   For real.

I’ll be leading Paint FEARLESS® Mexico this August 17-21, 2015 at Lisa Sonora’s sweet little studio in Oaxaca City, Mexico and it costs $875 to attend.   Oaxaca is tucked away in the deep south of Mexico — close to Guatemala!   Just the perfect place for creative transformation and dreams to surface!

Because magic stirs best in small circles, I am limiting space to 11 sacred Souls.

If you’re feeling the tug to join me, please CLICK HERE to learn more and  to register.

Plus, if you register before March 1st  I’ll throw in a FREE membership to my brand new BIG : FEARLESS® Painting Workshop coming out this July.  I haven’t even told anyone about it yet — but we’re talking all NEW content — new approach — new everything!! And it’s worth $250. (You can read all about it when you click the link above.)

I trust your heart knows if you’ll be painting FEARLESS® in Mexico this August — and I’ll be waiting there to welcome you in!  CLICK HERE to learn more!

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