This Painting Is Her


Tuesday I shared this magical tree I met while on retreat in Washington.

It’s been a few weeks, I think even a month already,  since my feet touched that sacred land.

But  I just love how its medicine is seeping through my creativity without any conscious thought or effort on my part.

Since I got back I started painting THIS FIERY LADY.    She’s part of my 101 Imperfect Faces series I’m slowly journeying through.

When I was preparing my blog post for Tuesday, it occurred to me how this magical tree found its way into this painting itself.

To be honest, I’m a bit choked up by it.  When I place these detail shots together it brings tears to my eyes.

This painting is her.  It’s that magical tree I met who told me to live “closer to the bone.”

Do you see why I FEARLESS® Paint?

Do you get why my paintbrush is my cauldron, my rosary, my sacrament, and wand?



Come slip away to Mexico with me this August.

We’ll Paint FEARLESS® together!

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