Art Is Not A Luxury, It’s A Necessity


So I just got back from a beautiful vacation in sunny, warm West Palm Beach, Florida where one of my oldest and dearest friends Mary lives with her beautiful family!

Not only did Mary host us for the week in her bright and colorful home, she also generously invited me to lead a FEARLESS® Painting Circle there on Saturday as well!

I was so honored and humbled to be joined by a circle of talented women that journeyed from all over Florida, Georgia, and even as far away as Texas to FEARLESS® Paint their blessed hearts out with me!

Each woman’s courage and spirit touched me deeply.

There’s nothing like being in a circle of artists that makes my heart feel complete.

Our concept that we were exploring together that day in Circle was freedom.

What does it mean to feel, express, and most of all possess freedom as an artist?

For me, freedom lies in owning one’s own mark in the world.

Freedom is that sweet spot where things just gel together!

Freedom is being truly, 100% me.

Each of the FEARLESS® Painters spent some time exploring and truly embracing what their mark looks like right here, right now.

It was really fun to see how each woman already possesses a unique style and voice to their work — no matter what level or background they have.

We began the day by actually taking a look at some art work Mary’s 5 year old daughter created — and seeing no matter what age we are our expression is truly our own and our style is already present.

It was my intention to have the women leave the circle with more love in their heart’s than fear when it came to embracing their gifts as an artist.

What truly makes my heart sing when I look at these photos is how every single woman is painting something entirely different — something that is completely true to who they are.

I want my painters to leave with a deeper understanding of who they are as artists and NOT create a water down version of my painting to take home with them.

But one of the things that I loved most about our day FEARLESS® Painting together is that our little ones got to see a group of adults playing and totally immersed in art making!

In the end, this is why I truly do this work.

This is why I believe so strongly in gathering women together in circle  — in helping artists let go of  their fears and blocks around being an artist and just relax into the truth of who they are.

I want our little one’s to inherit a world where art is not a luxury but a necessity to life.


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BIG Hugs! BIG Love!


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