Painting The Feminine Returns This May


As you already know, for the past two weeks I’ve been shining a light on my soul by sharing an intimate glimpse into my art journals from the past 20+ years in my Take A Peek series. What a trip down memory lane it has been!  A couple times I was actually moved to tears from the  surprises tucked away that I completely forgot about.

Even though I’m still nursing a major vulnerability hang-over, I’m glad I did it.

During those ten days I received loads of  emails and comments from creative hearts expressing how Take A Peek was inspiring them to get back to art journaling.  That alone was worth it to me.

One of the highlights for me from Take A Peek was my Painting The Feminine journal in episode 8.

I started my Painting The Feminine journal in November 2013 as my own 30 day exploration. Each day I showed up to the art journal with an intention to embrace, understand, and awaken my own Feminine Wisdom.  The journey was so transformative I felt called to share it with other women.

In January 2014 I lead the first Painting The Feminine workshop and as the energy of our community began to grow, Painting The Feminine felt more like an art movement and less like a workshop.

I am pleased to announce that Painting The Feminine begins again May 4, 2015 and this will be the only time I offer Painting The Feminine this year.  In this 4 week eCourse we will deepen our creative practice by inviting ritual,  storytelling,  intuitive journal writing, and the lunar cycle into our daily art journaling practice.

CLICK HERE if Painting The Feminine is calling you!

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