Take A Peek :: Episode 7


Welcome to Episode Seven of Take A Peek!

Each day I’m sharing a video where I flip through a journal or two and share with you my thoughts and process behind them.  Altogether you’ll peek inside 12 journals over 10 episodes!

I’m sharing two journals with you in today’s episode!!! My “brown” journals as I affectionately call them or Strathmore’s Mixed Media Visual Journals as they’re also called.

The spread above I created when I was pregnant and didn’t know it!

That’s what I love, love, loooooove about the FEARLESS® Painting Process!

The spread above I did when I was pregnant and knew it….I don’t think that fact really matters — but there you have it!

Above is the first spread I did in my journal I call “My Healing Journal”.

You can actually take a glimpse into my process of this piece by CLICKING HERE.

The spread above is one I did to initiate a new session of IGNITE and that’s what makes it very special to me.

The grey pieces below are part of my grey series that I’m still exploring!

Another special series in the works!

Now onto the video….

[vc_video link=’https://player.vimeo.com/video/123423905′]

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