To Her, Life Was A Dance


I teach for selfish reasons.  To be touched by hearts so bright.  To be taught by the journeys of brave seekers.

So in 2013, when I wrote Kimberly Davis saying what do I gotta do to make you come to my Total Alignment in Sedona this year?,  I asked because as her mentor every cell in my body knew she needed to be there, but mostly because her light was so pure I longed to be in her presence on such sacred land.    Kimberly had been my student for years already, taking every one of my FEARLESS® Painting eCourses.

Kimberly did come to Sedona.  She showed up on time wearing the cutest of sun dresses and my heart was enamored by the way she sat fidgeting nervously speaking about this pilgrimage she was on and what it meant to her to be there.

What an honor to sit with her in circle as she sang her heart out as the rain started to fall.

What a gift to witness her soak in the morning sun as if it was the first time seeing light as we hiked silently across the red stone together.

But what moved me to tears is when she threw off her shoes that Saturday and started painting with bare feet.  She danced across the paper. She jumped. She moved.  She landed tenderly inside her body once again, after being away so long.

Kimberly came to Sedona with a heavy heart, and it wasn’t the paint or the vortexes or the sisters that were holding her softly or even me with my hand on her back — it was her bravery that lead her back home to herself.

It was the courage she always had to go deeper and deeper into the layers of life.

To let go and surrender again and again.

Kimberly poured paint on her toes and mambo’d like no one was looking!!  Because to her, life was a dance!

I wish I could find the words to tell you more.  About how big of an influence Kimberly was on me.  She came to Sedona to save herself, but in so many ways she saved me.

She taught me about bravery, resilience, and damn it what it means to have an open heart.

She saw life through the eyes of innocence and curiosity — she was an embodiment of the FEARLESS® Painting Process.

She was generous with her wisdom and never greedy with her energy and gifts.  She was a teacher.  A guide.  An artist.  An author.  A heart centered business women.

A wise sage with a paintbrush and a sewing machine.

She was an oracle to me and many.

And as I drove home from my Sedona Total Alignment retreat in 2013 Kimberly texted me this photo below with the words: thank you, thank you.

Thank you Kimberly.

Thank you.

You will always be in my heart and I will always feel you near when my bare feet touch the earth I too love so dearly  in sweet Sedona.

May your journey be sweet dear friend.  May your heart truly be free.

May your body rest in peace and your spirit join the sunshine and the rain as they dance and play for eternity.

I love you.  Thanks for loving me.

Kimberly Davis passed away suddenly on Monday, May 11, 2015.

She shined her bright light as one of the teachers in 21 SECRETS Fall 2014 with her workshop

Shine Your Light: Paint The Color Of Your Heart.

You can also watch a beautiful 21 SECRETS Conversations with her HERE.

A Commemorative Online Painting Vigil is being held in her honor May 15 -17.

Please CLICK HERE for more info.

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