Flashbacks, Gurus, & Travel Journals


The truth is I have been so super duper busy lately!  This past Friday I just finished hosting my Painting The Feminine eCourse — and it was so moving and inspiring as usual.  I’ve also been supporting my amazing women in my IGNITE program and working hard on creating a brand new, beautiful, I-can’t-wait-till-you-see-it website with my beloved designer Quinn and the help of my dear friend Darrah who took so many great photos for it as well!

Anyways, I want to let you know about three exciting things happening that you’ll definitely want to be a part of!

Here you go!

21 SECRETS 2014 Flashback Sale Starts Friday!

The inspiration found in 21 SECRETS is timeless.  These art journaling secrets are something you can come back to again and again as life moves forward and still discover new perspectives and hidden nuggets of creative wisdom every time you return.

So to help you renew your Summer art journaling this year, we’re having a “Flashback” sale on 21 SECRETS Spring 2014 and 21 SECRETS Fall 2014 that starts this Friday, June 5th through Monday, June 8th!

During these four days you can purchase the 21 SECRETS 2014 eBooks at 40% off.

Be sure to mark your calendar, you definitely won’t want to miss this.

I’m Gettin’ My Travel Journalin’ On For The Documented Life Project!

On Saturday, June 6th I will be sharing my contribution for The Documented Life Project and it’s a totally FREE offering of love!

This month’s challenge is Travel Journaling and the ladies over at Art To The 5th asked me to dive into some Illustrative Art Journaling and share one of my favorite things to do — art journaling on the go!

So be sure to hop, skip, and boogie woogie on over here this Saturday for a fun tutorial on how you can use your art journal while traveling.

Yep! Just in time for those summer vacation plans you have on the horizon!

Discover How Art Can Heal — My First FREE Summit

I’m going to be honest.  I’m not a big fan of all those online summits you see rolling around.  Usually they feel more like high pressure marketing schemes than an actual gift of love, to me.

So when I’ve been invited to participate in the past I’ve always said no.  Until now.

Last year, as part of my 21 SECRETS Conversations series, I had the joy of interviewing Bebe Butler.  Bebe had me laughing and feeling inspired as she shared how she stalked her creative dreams!

A few months ago, when she invited me to participate in her Painted Guru summit I was a little apprehensive at first, but the more I learned about her vision and pure intentions behind creating this gathering, I decided to say yes.

I, among a circle of other generous, heart guided artists, we’ll be chatting with Bebe around some special topics that are near and dear to my own heart, like:

  • How to discover your voice and feel authentic in your expression.
  • How to create intuitively and honestly to awaken freedom on the canvas and in life.
  • How to use life stories as well as imagery and symbols in your creations.

The Painted Guru Summit starts on June 11th and it won’t even cost you a penny or a dime to subscribe.

Plus it’s really easy peasy to sign up, simply CLICK CLICK CLICK! Done!

See you there!

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