Baby, I’m Back!


Everything big I do in my business begins with a brush mark.  It’s my way of aligning myself with the spirit of the project, workshop, or event I’m working on.

And it’s always intentional.

Meaning I’ll choose my supplies mindfully, carve out some time precisely, and consciously start painting knowing this is what I’m doing.

But when I first launched my Dirty Footprints Studio blog in April of 2008 I did so minus the painting hoopla I now apply to any meaningful endeavor I begin.  I simply had a clear intention to connect with like-minded hearts and to see what would happen if I  shared my art with a greater audience.

A year and a lot of hard work later, it was evident that Dirty Footprints Studio was evolving into something more than a blog. In 2009 I put my first online workshop up for sale and applied to become an LLC later that day.

Though it wasn’t until a few months after that when I sat down and painted the painting you see above and in the video below.

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That’s when she appeared to me first.


The Spirit. The Essence. The Soul of Dirty Footprints Studio.

For years and years and years she resided on the banner of my blog, newsletter, and Facebook page.  She even hangs sweetly next to my desk in my studio.

But that’s not really her anymore.  She’s matured. Evolved.  Grown up.

And last year, when I knew it was time to begin working on a new website, I picked up the brush before doing anything else and painted.

Though she didn’t arrive boldly and with a surge of electricity like she did when we first started this journey together. Instead she revealed parts of herself to me as I painted a series of FEARLESS faces.


I’ll be honest, this frustrated the freaking hell out of me.

I didn’t want pieces.

I wanted Her.

The Spirit that has become an intricate part of our family, that has been my guide deeper into my heart,  that cradled me lovingly through one of the hardest years of my life in 2013.  I wanted the one that would reign gently over this new online incarnation of Dirty Footprints Studio and welcome a new body of work to emerge.

So to my great surprise she arrived unexpectedly while I hosted a live Spreecast to promote my Painting The Feminine eCourse earlier this year.  The theme I was exploring with the other painters present was surrender and of course she arrived without any planning or struggle on my part….like everything amazing that has happened in our journey together.


Though what is the most exciting part is that when Darrah Parker came to visit me in May to take photos for my new site we spent a lot of time setting the scene up in my studio with this painting of Her.  I purchased a lot of different fabrics to play with and we positioned all my supplies in various ways.  But the shot didn’t feel complete until Phoenix ran in uninvited!

Darrah snapped the photo right as he threw himself into our set and that was enough.  It was perfect actually and you can see it prominently posted on the Home Page.

But like I said, Dirty Footprints Studio has matured.  Evolved.  Grown up since those early days together. I could have never imagined any of this when I started my blog over 7 years ago. I had no idea that I would be a mother, a thriving creative entrepreneur, and that my passion would touch so many hearts world wide.  I am wildly grateful for the gifts I’ve received and I’m deeply honored to be of service to so many.

So under today’s blessed Blue Moon and with great love in my heart, I welcome you to the new home of Dirty Footprints Studio.  There’s still a few ticky tacky things that need ironing out, but it’s home and I’m excited to throw myself into blogging again.


Plus, today is also super special because I am opening registration on my next session of IGNITE that begins January 11th.  I’ll be speaking more about it in the upcoming weeks, but to celebrate this new homecoming I’m offering an incredible early bird special to the women ready to say yes and commit to this journey now.  You can learn more about IGNITE by CLICKING HERE and like always, IGNITE is limited to 12 women to insure each woman receives individualized attention and care.

Also, be sure to explore the new features listed under 21 SECRETS.  There is now a beautiful teacher directory that honors all the artists that have made 21 SECRETS such a success over the years and there is also an application form for any creative hearts wanting to make themselves known to us as we plan and prepare for future 21 SECRETS workshops.  And I’m really excited that now you can find all the 21 SECRETS Conversations on one page too!


Most especially I want to thank Quinn Whissen for all the love, attention, hard work, sweat and tears you have poured into this beautiful new home.  I had no idea, Quinn, that creating a new website would be such an emotional roller coaster for me — so thank you for your patience and understanding over these months and months together.  You are an absolute treasure. Thank you for EVERYTHING.

There are so many other hearts I wish to thank and I plan to do so starting next week.

But until then I just want to say…I’m back!

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I’m back!

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