21 SECRETS Conversations with Eric Scott


A main priority that Hali and I share when gathering artists together for 21 SECRETS is to bring together a diverse set of styles, voices, and approaches.  That’s why over the years its been great fun to find the men that are out there diving into art journaling and mix media and welcome their unique take on this practice to our collective as well.

One of the men that is definitely making a stir in the art journaling world is Eric Scott.  Eric is today’s featured guest on 21 SECRETS Conversations and he is half of the Journal Fodder Junkies whom bring their workshop Rethinking The Page: Creating Interaction and Connection With Your Journal to 21 SECRETS Spring 2015.

What I loved learning about Eric is how fearless he is in sharing his journal with everyone and anyone that is willing to look.  He takes his journal everywhere and is never shy to share it!  Think of how many hearts he has opened to art journaling simply by sharing and even be willing to journal in public at cafes and bars.

I also have a special place in my heart for Eric because he is a devoted elementary art teacher — I remember how challenging it can be to weave your own art into a very demanding profession like that — and he has modeled this artist journey so beautifully.

It was such a joy to interview Eric and get to hear his artist journey.  Come listen in below and as a warm reminder, tomorrow is the last day to receive the early bird FREE gift with pre-ordering your copy of 21 SECRETS Fall 2015.  It comes out on September 28th — and this free gift will keep you company till then -promise.  CLICK HERE to grab yours.

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Enjoy today’s episode!

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