Consider This An Honor


I’ve been doing a lot of painting outside lately.

It started with the funeral I planned in Sedona and followed shortly after with a solo retreat I took in Prescott as well.

Painting for me is always an exploration of my inner landscape — most especially when I’m surrounded by all that is wild and true.

But this you see, is nothing new.  As a kid I’d sprawl across the grass and draw the clouds that drifted by and the big willow tree that swayed lazily in our neighbor’s yard.  In high school I was notorious for cutting school to go paint in the woods or in front of the lagoon at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  I’d even hand those paintings in to my teachers as my excuse for missing class that day.

Back then I was only interested in one thing: knowing how to paint and draw exactly what I see.

Now-a-days I’m in it for the mystery and the way it feels like communion with something ancient inside me.

Plus, when the skies in my world become stormy, this is the medicine that clears the energy and releases the toxicity of my own fears, failures, and resistance to change.

So please consider this an honor that I let you peek over my shoulder today.

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