21 SECRETS Conversations with Amy Tingle & Maya Stein


Today on 21 SECRETS Conversations we don’t have just one — but two special guests: Amy Tingle and Maya Stein who are the heart driven duo behind Food For The Soul Train, a mobile creativity business that is based in Nutley, New Jersey — but whose mission is to bring creativity straight to you!

These two amazing ladies are up to something good!

In today’s interview you’ll hear how they each use their talents and strengths to not only create a business that makes them each come alive — but to help bring healing, connection, and creative fun to others.

And I bet you’ll be just as surprised as me to learn that some people have an issue with bringing fun to their communities! We here at 21 SECRETS sure don’t, and are truly honored to have Amy and Maya teaching their workshop Intersections in 21 SECRETS Fall 2015.

Plus, as you’ll hear more details about in our interview, Amy and Maya have put a call out to artists everywhere to contribute to their Tiny Book Show.  The deadline to enter is December 1st so JUMP HERE to learn how you can get involved.

To learn more about the 21 SECRETS art journaling eBooks please CLICK HERE and if you’re new to 21 SECRETS Conversations be sure to check out the archives RIGHT HERE.

Now, let’s get cooking with Food For The Soul Train! Hit play on the video below.

[vc_video link=’https://vimeo.com/146120756′]

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