21 SECRETS Conversations with Rachel Awes


Envision your body sinking softly into a deep meadow of fresh Spring grass.  The smell of lilacs is kissing the breeze and the sunshine is soft and billowy, just like the clouds dancing in the sky above you.

This is the feeling that happens when you dive into any of Rachel Awes’ fantastic books and it is just the feeling Rachel intended to invoke in her new book: The Great Green Okayness that’s on pre-sale now!

Rachel Awes first shared her magic in 21 SECRETS 2013, then later in 21 SECRETS LIVE! in 2014. Plus, I personally account so much of my own healing to her beautiful books as I share in today’s video.

So when Rachel asked if I would help her out in spreading the news about her upcoming book I immediately invited her to join me in a 21 SECRETS Conversations where she could share her journey behind being an artist, therapist, and author!  It’s definitely a goodie!

New to 21 SECRETS Conversations?  Then be sure to stop by the archives HERE for hours of inspiration.

Come join our conversation below and learn more about Rachel’s book HERE.

[vc_video link=’https://vimeo.com/144587300′]

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