21 SECRETS Conversations with Malini Parker


Before I start gushing about today’s 21 SECRETS Conversations guest I wanted to make sure you heard the BIG news…..21 SECRETS Spring & Fall 2014 are retiring!  Yep! Yes! That’s right!

To honor these workshops we are hosting a retirement sale where you can purchase each eBook at the cheapest lowest price ever! So hop, skip, boogie woogie and CLICK HERE to learn more about this sale and to add these inspiring and very useful resources to your art journaling library before they are gone from the shelves forever.

So now that you’re in the loop, I’m very excited to share with you Malini Parker in today’s 21 SECRETS Conversations.

The very first workshop I dug into in 21 SECRETS Fall 2015 was Finding Your Way Home by Malini.  Something about the name called me in.  Hearing her story behind her process moved me so deeply that I had to reach out and write her with my deepest gratitude.  Malini is an artist that has lived through great heartbreak, challenges, and set-backs but it is her pure spirit that has helped her transform her pain and fear into beautiful works of art and a powerful message of healing and faith behind her teaching.

As I say in my introduction in today’s video, I could gush on and on about Malini — but that would be time wasted.  Her story is what matters most and in today’s episode Malini shares how her artist journey taught her to become friends with uncertainty.

To learn more about Malini visit her website HERE and to check out the 21 SECRETS Conversations archives please go HERE.

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Now, with great love, I introduce to you Malini Parker — hit play below!

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