A Plea To All Artists


I know that art won’t stop the bullets and it won’t bring back the dead.

I highly doubt that it will debunk the plans of hatred from being fulfilled again and again.

Let’s be honest here my friends, art won’t put an end to racism and it certainly won’t exterminate greed.

Art can’t keep a billionaire from his wrath of insanity.

Though there’s one thing that I’m certain of — art is needed now more than any time in history.

I don’t have to remind you of all the horrors that are calculating.  I don’t have to show you statistics to prove that our world is in deep crisis. We see proof everyday as we scroll through Facebook waiting for our gingerbread latte.

And I, my friend, have days just like you — where I worry that what I do will never be enough and I question who am I to have such privilege, such blessings, such access to so much safety, abundance, and beauty.

Though for real change to happen, the kind that will save our children from a future of greater despair and hatred, healing must begin on every single level — no matter what race, creed, class, or sex.  It’s essential.  It’s crucial.  It’s something we can no longer ignore or suppress or think it’s trite and unnecessary.

Some of us are called to stand in the front lines.  Some voices have been called to protest and protect. And some of us are called here to be the healers — the artists, it sounds simple, but it’s a fact.

I know this, because art is my medicine. It’s what I’ve been called to do to help others and myself tie sutras on our wounded spirits.

Art helps us make sense of all this uncertainty.  It helps us process through the heartache and feelings that words fail to express.  Art gives us a place to feel safe, connected, and even escape the overwhelm we deal with daily.

Art is a catalyst for healing — and healing nourishes the people, healing lessens the pain.  Healing makes it easier to make better choices — to serve one another compassionately and with integrity.

There has never been a time in history where art is so desperately needed as now.  Please, stop ignoring the calls to create.  Please stop thinking that your gifts/talents/skills aren’t enough.  Please stop pretending that there will be time later — once everything is in place, the bills are paid, the savings are secure, the children are out of college.  Please stop suppressing those dreams of helping others through creativity and start doing something.

Now is the time.  Now is the time.  Now is the time. Now is the time.

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