Creative Circles Guidebook Sale Ends Monday!


Hey Friends!

I just wanted to warmly remind you that the sale on my Creative Circles Guidebook ends Monday.

The Creative Circles Guidebook is a must-have resource for any artist feeling the call to host their own Creative Circles. We leave no stone unturned. Here’s what the Creative Circles Guidebook covers:

  • Where to host it and how to know you found the right space.
  • An outline of things you never thought are important (but are)–like where’s the sink?!
  • What’s the perfect number of participants?
  • How long? How short? And what are we going to eat?
  • Collaboration or going solo?
  • Supplies, gifts, decorations, and storage oh my!
  • Help is good. Help is really good.
  • Contracts, insurance, & liability.
  • How much to charge & what to include.
  • Creating a cancellation & refund policy.
  • Yummy ways to advertise and get the word out.
  • Making a profit vs doing it for free–things to consider.

Plus, who wants to sit down and just read about it — right?

So in this 44 page downloadable eBook you will not only receive inspiring essays, supportive worksheets, lists of resources, but also four audio recordings with special guests Chris Zydel, Heather Plett, Lisa Sonora, and Elizabeth Potts Weinstein who generously share their practical and mystical secrets behind creating successful creative circles for decades.

I intentionally created the Creative Circles Guidebook to help more women feel confident and empowered to follow their heart!!! So let’s do this!

CLICK HERE for more info and to grab yours!

BIG Love,

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