Give A Girl A Journal


Gosh, I can still remember my very first journal ever.

It was a spiral bound notebook and I wrote a poem in it called Sweet Knight And Day.  I think it was way back in third or fourth grade, right around the time I was becoming fascinated with words and poetry and writing magical stories — but even more so, it was right around the time where life began to usher in its pressures and expectations that young girls unfortunately have to navigate through.

I kept that journal stuffed beneath my bed mattress or snug safely in the back of my backpack when I dared take it to school.

Fast forward a few years to high school and I can honestly say that my journal saved me in many, many ways.  It was a place I rambled on and documented the joys and challenges of blossoming into an artist and young adult.

Yep, thank God for journaling and for however I was so blessed to come to it — which I really don’t know.

But what I do know is that my dear friend Jamie Ridler is determined to bring journaling to more girls and grant them this beautiful gift to express themselves and explore their own blossoming inner landscapes.

She is calling her do-good project Give A Girl A Journal and I support her completely and would love, love, love if you would too!

Has journaling changed your life?  

Click here and join the Give A Girl A Journal blog hop. Share your story and bring awareness to this beautiful initiative.

Want to join me in sponsoring a girl(s) who will get a journal?  

AWESOME! I did twice! Click here and show your support — it only costs $20 — but it can WILL seriously change a life.

Know a girl you’d love to nominate to receive a journal?

Perfect! Click here and get her added to the list!

Last, when Jamie asked me if I’d share a little story of how journaling has impacted my life to help promote Give A Girl A Journal, of course I answered with a very zealous YES!  But once the camera started rolling, I had no idea that revisiting one of my old journals would have such an effect on me.

You can take a peek of my video below and you can see many more journaling testimonies daily at Jamie’s blog. 

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