There’s a handful of things I remember very clearly about being in art school.

One of them was anatomy class and how much I loved to draw ribs.

If you dig deep into my studio closet you’ll find an old vinyl portfolio stuffed behind stretched canvases where these anatomical drawings still live.

I was going to excavate them before starting today’s #21emBODY painting — thinking they would make a nice reference to begin from.

But instead I decided to just go for it and found myself muddling through, cursing this damn invitation. Wanting to simply quit.

I probably should also tell you that there’s a whole story I wanted to write. One that begins exactly like this:

Why’s she crying, my grandmother asked.

I don’t know. She’s upset about Adam and Eve, he muttered as he marched past her and threw his jacket on the chair.

But I can’t get past this point without needing to erase the whole damn thing and start again.

And then my mind starts to wander — what’s the deal with the whole Adam and Eve and rib thing anyways? Who came up with this misogynist propaganda?  What a way to put women in their place. 

I know one thing for certain, I didn’t come from no rib.

I’m no second class citizen. No inferior sex.

These bones came from the same earth, air, and fire as yours mister. So you better look more closely at that myth you’ve been peddling.

Because Eve is ready to take back her power. She’s got her own Truth to share.

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Welcome to Day 4 of 21 Days of emBODY.  Today’s invitation is the BONES. I hope that this painting challenge inspires you to spend a little time with this magnificent gift we each have — our body.

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