This is the last week of the #21emBODY painting challenge — and wowsers! What a journey it has been. I could not have predicted the transformations and a-ha moments I’ve received by pouring my attention and creativity onto my body.

It’s been both exhausting and exhilarating at times!

I think once this painting challenge is over I am going to keep on focusing my FEARLESS® Painting Practice on exploring the body still.

I feel like each piece I created can go even deeper through a few more pieces based around it.

Anyways, for today our prompt is breasts.

Once again, instead of using references for this specific invitation as I mentioned yesterday, I am dipping into my own intimate creative process that I share with you in my 21 SECRETS emBODY workshop: imPERFECT.

Plus, can you believe it!!?!?!

One week from today 21 SECRETS emBODY will be released to the world — so make sure to preorder you copy.  That way all this good creative juju you’ve stirred up from this painting challenge can still build and evolve in this awesome workshop!

Though, what I wanted to share with you is that today’s #21emBODY painting almost didn’t end up looking the way it does in the final photo located at the very top of this post.

Instead, once I was finished with it, I ripped it out of my journal using the perforated line (I love that little detail about the Canson Mixed Media journals!!).  That’s when I felt like all that warm, pinkish background had to go.  (Check out the photo located directly above.)

Say hello to blues and greens.

And, as I prepared this blog post I played around with the final photo in my editing software and found that I even love it more when it’s cropped.  (Look at the photo below.)

This is why art gets me all giddy.

I love how simply changing the temperature of a color or cropping the composition can transform and alter the whole mood and impact of an image. It’s like magic!

Then, after cropping it, I wondered what would these two images look like next to each other — the warmer version and the cooler one.  So then I played with that in my photo editing as well.

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Welcome to Day 15 of 21 Days of emBODY.  Today’s invitation is the BREASTS. I hope that this painting challenge inspires you to spend a little time with this magnificent gift we each have — our body.

CLICK HERE for more info on how to paint along! (It’s FREE!)

CLICK HERE to see some of the work being created with hashtag #21emBODY.

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