#21emBODY | FEET


I’ve been staying one day ahead of the #21emBODY challenge so that I can a.) have time to make sure everything is posted online consistently and b.) still be feeling like I’m right in there doing the challenge with you.

But I gotta tell you, this week was a killer.  I experienced major technology craziness on another project I’ve been working on, which resulted in a whole lot of long, sleepless nights.

When Friday hit all I wanted to do was veg out on the couch and watch some Seinfeld reruns with my honey.

I needed to refuel.

So for today’s #21emBODY challenge I actually listened to my body and in doing so I was guided to create something smaller and more intimate: a sketch of my husband’s feet as we watched Seinfeld.

Can’t get more charming then that.

And so dear hearts, if life starts to feel a bit crowded — if the #21emBODY challenge is becoming a chore — listen to your body.  Give it what it needs — and see if it will help you open to new ways of expressing and exploring these prompts.  There’s no shame in switching gears, changing direction, or allowing yourself some good ol’ Seinfeld once-in-awhile.

Welcome to Day 3 of 21 Days of emBODY.  Today’s invitation is the BACK. I hope that this painting challenge inspires you to spend a little time with this magnificent gift we each have — our body.

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