Introducing This Year’s IGNITE Peer Mentors

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For the seventh year in a row I am excited to announce that my IGNITE Online Intensive mentoring program has sold out to a circle of amazing women ready to dig deep, shine brightly, and discover their true gifts as artists.

We start this Monday, May 22nd and not only will this journey be made by 16 women from all over the USA and Australia, but I will be welcoming back 4 Peer Mentors as well.

Peer Mentors are IGNITE graduates who have applied to return to deepen their study of the IGNITE process, grow as mentors themselves, and most of all support the upcoming artists that will be venturing through this year long transformative process.

Today I wish to honor these Peer Mentors by introducing them to you.

So with great pride and joy, I celebrate this year’s IGNITE Peer Mentors:

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Kate Robertson

IGNITE has been the deepest and most meaningful thing I’ve experienced. Discovering greatness work and my role as an artist was invaluable.

Kate Robertson is a mixed media artist and intuitive painter. She spins, weaves and is a creativity coach. As an artist she draws her inspiration from many sources. They include nature, the divine feminine, ancient symbolism, her own life and her connection to her Celtic ancestors. She is particularly drawn to painting the female face whether it has features or not. It is her way to give recognition to the women of the past who had no voice, no freedom to choose.

Kate resides in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA and can be found online HERE.

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Kathy Kitts

By example, IGNITE has shown me there are other ways to achieve success than the old-fashioned model of scarcity and competition.

Dr. Kathy Kitts, a recently retired geology professor, served as a science team member on the NASA Genesis Discovery Mission. Before that, she directed a planetarium for nine years. She has dozens of non-fiction publications spanning professional papers to textbooks to general interest articles. However, she no longer writes about “what is” but rather “what if.” Her speculative short fiction has appeared in James Gunn’s Ad Astra, Mad Scientist Journal and The Storyteller’s Anthology. Born and raised in the southwest, she is currently living in the high desert of New Mexico..

Kathy resides in Placitas, New Mexico, USA and you can find her online HERE.

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Kristiann Bonn

At a time of deep loss of my identity, IGNITE & the women present sang me my song of greatness until I remembered how to sing it for myself.

As a mixed-media artist and writer, Kristiann aspires to create a safe and nurturing space where imaginative women can journey together. As a fellow explorer of the creative self, she offers to serve as a partner and guide, not an expert advisor. Her ideal gathering of creatives would be a circle in where the unique life-song of each woman is celebrated and lifted up and embraced with gratitude.

Kristiann resides in Keizer, Oregon, USA and can be found online HERE.

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Joan Gaetz

IGNITE took me from the edge of a murky abyss to creative flight over endless possibility.

Joan Gaetz is a Canadian mixed media artist who has been living a creative life since she was 5. Her early works were in finger paint, and crayon. In grade four she dug up clay in her back yard to make coil pots which she baked in the sun. Joan went to the Alberta College of Art at age 18 for one year and then over the next 20 years, took courses in pottery, weaving, stained glass, drawing, paper making, printmaking, silk dying, art journaling and watercolour. For the last 25 years she has been painting abstracts using acrylics. A recent area of interest is visual art journaling as a vehicle for self-discovery and spiritual growth. As a proud graduate of IGNITE 2016 she is currently immersed in her intuitive painting practice in her home studio in Red Deer, Alberta.

Joan resides in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada and can be found online HERE.

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The next session of IGNITE will begin September 17, 2018.  I know.  It seems like forever, but if your heart is calling you to join — be sure to CLICK HERE and sign up for the waiting list.  I’ll let you know first when registration opens again.

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