A Space Just Opened In My November Paint FEARLESS Mexico Retreat!

Paint FEARLESS Mexico

Hey Love Bugs!!! I got some exciting news —

A space just opened in my November 15-22 Paint FEARLESS Mexico retreat and it totally can be yours!

Come join me in the magical city of Oaxaca, Mexico where we’ll explore the beautiful colonial city of Oaxaca and allow it to flow through our brushes and awaken our hearts. We will be staying at Art House Oaxaca, an artist residency created by Lisa Sonora, an American artist living in Oaxaca.

Our journey will include visits to local artist studios, swooning over the colorful architecture, taking time to gather inspiration through Oaxaca’s bustling markets, friendly people, festive atmosphere, and enjoying the taste of local food and drinks.

Paint FEARLESS Mexico is nourishment for the artist that relishes in time to simply paint, paint, paint, and feels that adding a little adventure to it in the company of kindreds would be the best medicine of all.

Only 1 space available. Lodging, breakfast, lunch, adventure, and limitless creativity is included.

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