It’s Time For Us To Gather


Dear Artists,

It’s time for us to gather.

Enough waiting around.

It’s time for us to gather — and open our hearts to each other’s stories —  to not be afraid of each other’s truth.

When I witness the racist bigotry that accumulated in Charlottesville, I thought that we as humans are better than this.  This feels like a cancer – a disease.

And I thought, yes we can gather too.

We can pour our energy towards healing & building something new —
channel our creativity towards elevating instead of oppressing —
erect our prayer flags and be the light in the darkest of hours.

If you’re wondering what can you do?  How does your art make a difference?

You can teach.
You can inspire.
You can share the power of healing that all of us need so desperately right now.
You can make beauty.  
You can hold space for others to refresh their inner landscape.
You can be an opening for discussion.  Bravely showing us the meaning hidden in the shadows.

You can be the resistance by choosing something different.  Choosing to live whole heartedly instead of hating cowardly.

It’s time for us to gather.

And I myself believe in Creative Circles — I’ve been holding them since I was in my early twenties.

I believe in Creative Circles so much so that  I created a beautiful eBook intended to help you create your own.

Sign up for my newsletter HERE and you can download this eBook for yourself.  Share it with a friend even, you don’t have to do this alone.

It’s time for us to gather.

Let’s spread the healing, the light, and the love that is missing from so many hearts.

It’s time for us to gather.

With Great Love,

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