21 SECRETS Tell Your Story Is Live!

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I’m so excited to announce that 21 SECRETS Tell Your Story is now live!!

Each of the inspiring workshops in this 12th and final edition gives us a fresh and different approach to telling our story through mixed media and art journaling.

I’m super honored to host such talented teachers such as: Carissa Paige, Cathy Nichols, Juna Biagioni, Katrina Koltes, Juna Biagioni, Toni Burt, and many more.

Plus, my workshop FLOW & Disrupt is quite fun as well!

In FLOW & Disrupt we use mixed media, our art journals, and elements of my beloved FEARLESS® Painting Process to tell the story of those moments when life itself threw us a curveball — when all of a sudden we found ourselves waist deep in the unexpected and uncomfortable patches of life and navigated our way to the other side.

So roll up your sleeves and join me in FLOW & Disrupt. We got some FEARLESS® Painting to do!

21 SECRETS Tell Your Story is live now — you will receive immediate access to all 21 workshops and can pick and choose the order you wish.

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