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This January I’m playing along in Tara Leaver’s #21DaysInMyArtWorld challenge over on Instagram.  And just for fun I’m posting my photos and musings here on the blog as well. Today’s final prompt is: Big Dream.

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Today’s the last day of Tara Leaver’s #21daysinmyartworld invitation and it ends with the prompt: Big Dream.

I needed some time to sit with this actually.

For over a decade I carried a very big dream around with me of living in my husband’s homeland of Costa Rica (my heartland). 2018 was going to be the year our family finally moved there together. But last year, as a way of celebrating & honoring our home of Arizona for the last 12 years, Hansel and I created a monthly video where we visited our favorite spots — I painted, he shot video (CLICK HERE to check them out!).

What happened surprised us both — after every video we created our grief around leaving AZ became stronger — so much so that we realized that we love it here & don’t want to leave.

Since then, it’s been so interesting and exciting to experience a new sense of wonder about life — even more so, I’ve discovered that through all these years of dreaming this big dream, I’ve been actually crafting a pretty damn amazing dream life for myself already.

On the outside it might seem like I let go of one dream, but honestly, I finally embraced the one I already have.

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