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This January I’m playing along in Tara Leaver’s #21DaysInMyArtWorld challenge over on Instagram.  And just for fun I’m posting my photos and musings here on the blog as well. Today’s prompt is: From The Archives.

CLICK HERE to check out the series so far!

“From the archives” is today’s #21DaysInMyArtWorld prompt from Tara Leaver and it couldn’t be more timely!

Just last week I was searching through my storage looking for a specific painting and time slipped away as I got lost in rediscovering old works. Many that I totally forgotten about actually — like this one.

I painted this in 2008 when I first launched Dirty Footprints Studio online as a humble little blog. For years I was pouring my heart into pottery (that’s where Dirty Footprints Studio first got its name actually) and I felt the call to start painting again.

This painting embodied my intention to be fearless and it reigned over Dirty Footprints Studio for years on my website and in my studio space and like an old friend she’s made a cordial and unexpected visit once again.⠀

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