Discourse | 3/101

2. Discourse

When I randomly chose the word discourse for this piece I knew this project needed to become a whole freaking series. I very clearly heard that it was time to fully commit. ⠀

You see, I’ve been at this painting thing my whole entire life. I went to school for it and did all the things a good little artist should do.⠀

Though what’s always tugged at my heart the most is this longing to deepen my painting practice — not just get better at it — but to really embody it like a true devotion.⠀

But there’s always some logical distraction that keeps me skating safely on the surface — sometimes even hanging onto the zamboni for a quick thrill. ⠀

Yes. There’s been times I fall through the cracks and find myself in new depths. But watch me — I’ll swim back to shore hastily or spend a lot of time relishing in the dream of what it is like, instead of fully surrendering to this is actually the truth of me.⠀

“Enough of that Connie.”

That’s what I heard when creating this mess of a painting.


Now is your time.
To trust the authority inside you.
Now is your time.
To change the discourse.⠀

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