Familiarity | 6/101

5. Familiarity

Now that I’m back in Oaxaca again, today’s 101 Word Painting word fits perfectly: familiarity.

After spending close to dos months here in 2017, there’s a definite familiarity to being back.

My feet curve easily over the cobblestone. Spanish is playing badminton in my head again and the sounds of random fireworks don’t startle me as quickly.

I was thinking on the flight here how incredible it is that this is my job. That here I am, an artist from Phoenix, Arizona whose studio is in a little, tiny room of her apartment, has the ability (and audacity) to gather women from all over the globe for a week of painting, adventure, and deep renewal. It’s amazing to me.

Absolutely amazing.

And it’s a big sign, I feel, that the world is changing.

It can be hard to swallow at times that on one plane of existence people are still advocating for building walls and banning people.

But what gives me hope is that there’s another plane of existence coinciding where hearts are coming together and creating whole communities, economies, and movements that know no boundaries. It happens online and in person.

And it’s only the beginning my friends. Only the beginning.

So when the desperate state of affairs in the world starts to eat at your Soul, think of this… Every bit we do as artists to come together — be it online or in person, is creating a new world.

But we’re the pioneers, dear heart. This stuff is too new — too dang early for us to understand the impact our intentions truly have yet. We’re just the ones laying down the tracks and building new roads. Things are bound to get messy. People are unfortunately going to get hurt.

But have faith in your open heart like it is gold in your hand.

One day, this coming together — not tearing apart, is going to be the new familiar.

I believe it and honestly, I already see it happening.

(Psst….do you follow me over on Instagram yet?  I’m in Oaxaca again and so that means I’ll be sharing photos like crazy — come join me!)

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