Grasp | 7/101

7. Grasp

Grasp. (1.) seize and hold firmly. (2.) a firm hold or grip.

This is the hardest thing for me as an artist. My battle with wanting to grasp it all and hold on tight. But at the same time, I think it is also the ammunition that propels me forward and fuels my painting process.

I want to grasp it all.

Life. Beauty. The poetry of a heartache. The longing of justice. The forgiveness of a child. The youth of my son. The entanglement of Souls I meet. The way I lose my breath from the deterioration I see in these old Oaxacan buildings. The wrinkles on my face. Azul. Rojo. Verde. The laughter in last night’s dream. The taste of salt. The deep yearning for something different. The dance that only language makes. The warm hug of a trusted friend. The way you are reading this right now fully in the present — while I sit here in the distant past writing it calmly.

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