Suborn | 8/101

8. Suborn

For those of you that don’t know (I didn’t!) — the word suborn means: to bribe or otherwise induce (someone) to commit an unlawful act such as perjury.

Tonight the ladies in my Paint FEARLESS Mexico retreat and I will be officially opening our journey together over tapas. I won’t be bribing or inducing any of them into committing any serious crimes or perjury. But I must admit that the first night together always feels a tinge felonious.

We’ll gather privately around a table to eat, laugh, introduce ourselves and discover some of the strings that have pulled us together.  The doors to the cafe will be locked, the kitchen help will be busy cleaning up, and the dim lighting will create a safe womb for this experience to unfold.

Perfect — because this is where our hearts make their jailbreak from the routines, expectations, and responsibilities of everyday life.

For many women it can feel like a crime itself to escape their lives, their jobs, their husbands and their families to ignite an affair with their one sweet beloved — their Artist Soul.  For others, even calling themselves an Artist invokes fear of breaking some unspoken law or being caught stealing an identity that was never meant to be theirs.

Oh my sweet dear FEARLESS Painters, how I love each of you, even without looking into your eyes yet.

Because when a woman steps firmly towards her dreams, when a woman crafts her destiny by merely showing up to her desires — magic is the bribe that the Universe will suborn her with.

Don’t tell anyone please….but my job is to encourage them to take it.

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