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Hi Masterful Maker!

Today as the Spotlight Artist, I’m happy to share with you, Cathy Bueti. I find Cathy’s minimalistic portraits dripping with emotion and I was so excited when she agreed to share her process with all of us in 21 SECRETS Face Time with her lesson called Inky Expressions. In the interview below, Cathy shares that each face she creates always has a message for her if she can be quiet enough to hear it. I love that.

What is your earliest memory of a creative activity you enjoyed?

I was in fourth grade. We had to draw a picture in pastels and I drew a butterfly. It certainly was not perfect, but I remember using a different color for each section of the wings and the body was yellow. It was pretty and bright, and to my surprise, I won first place in the art contest with it that year. The only award I ever won for art. I wish I had a picture of it, as a reminder of where it all began.

I remember loving art when I was a child. I was always doodling something, making my name in bubble letters on my notebooks, and even though I could barely draw stick people that didn’t matter; I had fun. I constantly had crayons in my hands using coloring books. There was also a lot of paint-by-number sets as well as hook rugs.

As I became a tween and adolescent, the creativity wained from my life until I was in my late thirties. Butterflies still show up in my work. I love that my earliest memory is of a butterfly. So glad they are still with me.

Is there a certain new-to-you material that you just can’t get enough of?

I am loving fluid watercolors. I had never used them before but I am totally addicted now! The colors are supersaturated. Currently I am loving DrPH Martin brand.

What do you wish you gave yourself more time to explore?

Oil painting. I tried it once years ago in a workshop at an artist’s studio and became quickly enamored with the creaminess and blendability of them. However, the intimidating downside for me is the cleanup, since I work in a small spare room at home. I am spoiled with my acrylics and watercolors!

What is the one thing you hope we remember from your workshop?

Just let go! Enjoy the process and embrace whoever shows up on the page and don’t forget to listen to the message! The faces I create always share words with me if I quiet my mind enough to listen.

What is your life mantra?

Be in the moment. It is something that does not come easily to me but it’s what I try to do each day.

How beautiful that a chrysalis acted as a loving guide for Cathy to begin her adventure as an artist.

I can only imagine how many stages she herself has gone through to become the beautiful butterfly she is today.

About Cathy

Cathy Bueti is a mixed-media and digital artist who discovered art later in life. She quickly felt the healing aspect of art and knew she was hooked. Mixed media allowed her to explore a more abstract approach to faces as well as landscape another of her loves. Digital art allowed her to combine her faces with various texture and landscape images as yet another way to express her creativity. Cathy has contributed technique articles to various Stampington publications including Somerset Apprentice and Somerset Digital Studio. As a lover of hearts, whimsy, and even grunge she longs to create work that evokes emotion in the viewer.


Cathy Teaches Inky Expressions in 21 SECRETS Face Time

Are you fascinated by faces? Me, too! There is something exciting about watching a face appear on the page from your own mind. Who are they and what is their story? In this lesson, we will be intuitively creating an abstract face. We will let go of perfection and what we think a face should look like, so that we may reveal emotion, leaving little bits of ourselves on the page. I will show you how to create a fun textured background; use an ink dropper tip to loosely scribble out a face and add expressive details to create a face that is a reflection of you.

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