21 SECRETS Retirement Sale Begins NOW!

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On June 21st I will be letting go of Dirty Footprints Studio and launching a brand new website as simply ConnieSolera.com.

As part of this exciting transition, I’ve had to make some hard decisions on what I want to take with me into this new virtual space and what I am ready to let go of.

So to make room for new programs and ideas to unfold I am retiring the following five editions of 21 SECRETS and doing so with a huge discount sale! Between now and Sunday, May 12th you can buy the following 21 SECRETS at 50% off when you use coupon code: RETIREMENT at check-out.

Come Monday, May 13th the following 21 SECRETS will no longer be available for purchase — so get them while you can!!!

Here are the five 21 SECRETS that are retiring:

21 SECRETS Tell Your Story

Art journaling has always been a tool I use to personally express the parts of myself where words tend to fall short. In this edition I and 20 other talented artists share how we use art journaling and mixed media to express, celebrate, and explore the parts of our own life story that no words can explain.


The most ever changing, wildly delicate, and beautifully complicated relationship we’ll ever have in our lives is with our own body — and that’s exactly why artists throughout the ages have never stopped creating art that expresses, explores, and honors this precious gift. In 21 SECRETS emBODY a talented team of teachers are willing, eager, and even a little nervous to share with you how their art and body powerfully connect.

21 SECRETS Color, Color, Color

Color lifts my spirits when I’m feeling down. It helps me stop and notice the beautiful world we live in. And color always has a way of expressing my heart better than any words can. In this edition 24 artists gather together to celebrate, explore, and become totally intoxicated on COLOR!

21 SECRETS Tools & Techniques

This edition is our biggest seller of all time! In 21 SECRETS Tools & Techniques 21 talented teachers share their favorite tools and techniques to get your creative juices flowing!

21 SECRETS Best of 2014 & 2015

With great joy we’ve gathered together 37 workshops from the Spring and Fall 2014 and 2015 editions to create a well-rounded, power-packed collection. In this 21 SECRETS you will find instruction on everything from collage, gelli prints, transfers, how to face the blank page, tips on creating a daily creative habit, and much, much more!

Please remember, to receive the 50% discount you must enter coupon code: RETIREMENT at check-out. The sale ends at midnight this Sunday!

And as always, all content in 21 SECRETS is downloadable and yours to keep! Thanks for celebrating the 21 SECRETS retirement with us!

Happy Painting!

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