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Hi Friends!

Most of my studio time lately has been dedicated to creating a whole slew of exciting online workshops I have planned to launch in the upcoming months.

The first one I’m thrilled to share with you is that I’m teaching not one — but TWO mini-workshops for Galia Alena’s acclaimed Creative Retreat.

My first mini-workshop is called Talking To Trees and it is part of the FREE Creative Retreat Weekend that takes place July 6th and 7th online.  All you have to do to join the fun is CLICK HERE and enter your email address.

In Talking To Trees I take you out into my neighborhood with a sketchbook and marker in hand to show you how I harvest grounded wisdom by sketching trees.  This process is simple enough so anyone can do it with confidence and powerful enough that it will leave you with a whole new relationship to the trees that live near you. Then, after our jaunt outdoors, we settle into the studio where I share how to turn your sketches into playful expressions using colored Tombow Dual Brush markers.

Here’s a peek at one of my sketches.

One of the beautiful things about Galia’s Creative Retreat is that it contains mini-workshops from 27 artists total!

And to keep the creativity and healing going all year long you can also join us in the year long Creative Journey where you’ll find my second mini-workshop Talking To Trees 2 where we use our sketches as the foundation in creating a mixed-media diptych.

Here’s one of my pieces that I create during Talking To Trees 2…

Galia has done an awesome job of gathering a team of 27 inspiring and talented teachers together for this Creative Retreat and Journey.  I am honored to be in the company of artists such as herself, Hali Karla, Tracy Verdugo, Fonda Clark-Haight, Kiala Givehand, Mindy Tsonas and many more artists I know you too will admire as well.

Please consider joining us for the FREE Creative Retreat that happens July 6th and 7th and sign up now to get in on the early bird pricing for the year long Creative Journey.

CLICK HERE for more info!

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