May Is All About Retirements Here At Dirty Footprints Studio

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If I was the kind of gal that decided on a theme for each month, May would definitely be “retirement”.

This Sunday I’m packing up a car load of retreat supplies and heading to beautiful, magical Sedona — the land of my heart and soul! It’s been seven years since I last hosted a retreat in Sedona and I can’t wait to share this experience again with a SOLD-OUT circle of FEARLESS painters for Paint FEARLESS Sedona.

Seven years ago I thought my days of hosting retreats in Sedona were over. For no big reason other than I was a brand new mom with a newborn and feeling overwhelmed.

But shortly after getting my mama sea legs, I was back on the trail. Hosting retreats in Florida, Washington, and Mexico.

Last year I kept hearing again in again that it was time to go back to Sedona– so here we are! Only a few days to go until the adventure begins! I can’t wait!

Be sure to keep a close eye on my Instagram feed next week — I’ll be posting photos galore!

The Creative Circles Guidebook Is Retiring

Because I love hosting creative circles and retreats sooooo much, a few years ago I created a workshop called The Creative Circles Guidebook. I filled it full of practical information so that more women could create their own creative circles with confidence and ease.

Shortly after it finished I decided to turn the workshop into an actual Self-Guided Guidebook and give it away as a FREE gift to all that subscribe to my newsletter.

The Creative Circles Guidebook is chocked full of valuable information on what to look for in choosing a retreat center, contracts, supplies, and even how to create your own energetic container to insure that everyone receives a nourishing and transformative experience.

May is the last and final month you can receive this goodie for FREE when subscribing to my newsletter. It will be retiring from the shelves come June 1st.

Painting The Feminine Starts Monday, May 20th! There’s Still Time To Register!

Speaking of retirements, I was so 100% positive last year that my Fall session of Painting The Feminine was going to be my last. I was ready to retire this program for good. But then….that session happened to be one of the most powerful sessions of all. I felt like a new chapter had begun, instead of ended. That’s why I’m beyond excited to get this Spring edition rolling once again! Plus, an amazing group of painters have already answered the call and will be joining me for a creative practice reboot!

In this four-week online adventure you will breathe new life into your creative practice, develop a unique body of artwork, and begin to crack the code on your own visual language while strengthening your personal style — I call this process “Painting The Feminine”.

21 SECRETS Spotlight Interview Series Is Almost Over

Every Tuesday and Thursday for the last few months Tonia Jenny, the 21 SECRETS Creative Director interviewed one of our 21 SECRETS here on the blog. It’s been such a juicy and inspiring series and Tuesday, May 7th the last and final interview will be published.

I know, I feel bummed as well.

ConnieSolera.Com Launches June 21ST — Summer Solstice

One of the biggest retirements happening soon is of my sweet, business Dirty Footprints Studio. After 11+ years of spreading creativity world-wide I’m ready for a change and excited to be stepping into this next evolution of my career.

My new website launches June 21st — which happens to be the longest day of the year: the Summer Solstice!

One of the things my new online home will include is a gallery where you can easily purchase original art, prints, and products of my work! I have loads of fun things planned for this next creative venture and much of it includes making more helpful and inspiring art for and with YOU.

Happy May Day Everyone!

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