Announcing 21 SECRETS Summer Studio

21 secrets summer studio 2019

Last year our inaugural 21 SECRETS Summer Studios was a HUGE hit, so we’re doing it again with all new themes and all new teachers!!!

21 SECRETS Summer Studio was designed to inspire and support artists in keeping a mixed-media practice fresh, fun, and totally do-able throughout the busy Summer season.

Unlike the 21 SECRETS Spring & Fall edition that is a more in depth self-guided eBook of love…the Summer Studios are 11 lessons each containing three instructional videos totaling no more than 35 minutes of your time (see — totally do-able!).

Because we know how jammed packed life can be, each teacher crafted a lesson that will slip easily into your schedule while still enhancing your creative practice and helping you strengthen your skills.

So here’s how the Summer Studio programs rolls…

  • There are two, ten-day  Summer Studio eCourses.  Each one consists of 11 lessons that you receive via email.  You receive the very first lesson (mine) right after you register.  Then the next ten are delivered daily (M-F) beginning on the listed start dates. [vc_separator type=’transparent’ position=’center’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=” down=”]
  • Each eCourse consists ONLY of 3 videos: an introduction, instruction, and additional information video that total no more than 35 minutes altogether.  We’ve condensed these lessons on purpose. We want you making art! [vc_separator type=’transparent’ position=’center’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=” down=”]
  • Once the live portion of this eCourse is done you will receive a gorgeous downloadable eBook containing all 11 lessons.  This eBook is yours to keep and refer to again and again for years to come! [vc_separator type=’transparent’ position=’center’ color=” thickness=’5′ up=” down=”]

Once you complete your registration you’ll immediately receive my lesson(s) in your inbox. Here’s what I created especially for sweet, wonderful you…

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Random Bits of Pattern in 21 SECRETS Playful Experiments

Wheatpasted on the streets of Oaxaca City, Mexico are political woodcuts handmade by artists. Don’t tell anyone, but every-now-and-then I scratch a tiny bit off and slap it into my sketchbook. I love to use these random bits of pattern to inspire my drawings.

In this Summer Studio I’m bringing the random bits of pattern to you! Together we will create our own pattern sheets that we’ll rip up and glue down as our foundation to spark our imagination and create bold, black-and-white ink drawings.

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Studio Treasures in Capturing Moments

I love to use watercolor sketching as a way of capturing objects, places and moments from my everyday life. So why not use it in capturing those wonderful studio treasures we all adore — ART SUPPLIES! In this workshop we’re going to gather the supplies we treasure most in our studio and elevate their importance by creating a painting purely in their honor. I’ll show you how to use a Tombow Dual Brush pen as your sketching tool and an easy way to simplify your drawing and create an interesting composition using frames. Gather those studio treasures and come join me!

The best part is that there’s an early bird discount happening from now until Friday night!

All you gotta do is enter coupon code SUMMER at check-out to save $10. 

We’ve got such an incredible team of teachers lined up to make your Summer extra juicy!

Lauren & Caylee of the Get Messy mixed-media tribe is here! The lovely Rae Missigman, poetic Liz Lamoreux, and inspiring Tonia Jenny are back again.  Superstars Kellee Wynne Conrad and Jane LaFazio are sprinkling their magic and so many other awesome teachers are sharing their creative insights!

I’m so excited.


The early bird sale ends Friday night — use coupon code SUMMER to save $10!

Come join us!

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