Affirmations & Deep Conversations


(The journal spread above was created by @stumblingoverchaos )

I hope that everyone that reads this blog post today is feeling well and strong and that your loved ones are safe and well too. My heart is with you — thank you for being here.


A huge highlight of my creative practice this month has been being the honored guest teacher over at the Get Messy art journaling community!!! These gals really know how to get down with paint and it’s so much fun for me to be a part of all the creative hoopla that’s happening there.

Get Messy is a membership site where each month is centered around a theme. Affirmation is the theme for April and I have an online workshop happening there called Painting As Affirmation.

My workshop consists of three videos where I walk you through my own process of using the art journal as a way of affirming where I am in life, how I feel, and what’s showing up for me as I butt up against my own inner critic and preferences.

Though what I’m really trying to drive home in Painting As Affirmation is how my art journal is a place where all of myself is welcomed and affirmed — including the fear, anger, silliness, and jackassery too!

The one thing all of the current members are saying already is that this workshop couldn’t have come at a better time and boy! I couldn’t agree more.

Below is the finished art journal piece I walk you through in Painting As Affirmation. I never paint hearts — so this was a total first. You gotta come check it out.

Deep Conversations

I have one more big highlight to share with you today — and I know — it’s only April 17th! But I wasn’t kidding when I said that I’ve been busy, busy, busy!

Just a little over a week ago I finished creating my upcoming workshop Deep Conversations for the Jeanne Oliver network. This workshop is scheduled to begin online June 8th — but early bird registration is now open and going strong.

Those that work with me in person know that I love to create paintings side-by-side so that they can have a conversation together. In Deep Conversations we not only look at how two paintings can communicate with each other, but also how painting can be an act of having a deeper conversation with our own soul.

This workshop is a lotta bang (15 lessons in all) for your buck-a-roo! I poured tons of love into this workshop in pursuit to help other artists venture out of their comfort zone and liberate their own creativity in new delicious ways.

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