I’m On The Get Messy Podcast


For the whole month of April I had the lovely honor of being guest teacher over at the Get Messy Art Journaling collective.

My little workshop was called Painting As Affirmation and during these topsy-turvy times of Covid-19, it was really a lifesaver for many of us to use our art journal as a cocoon to affirm exactly how we’re feeling — the ups, the downs, and the crazy I-don’t-know-what’s-going-on in betweens!

I was so moved by the creative energy and vulnerability of this group and will definitely miss our connection once May rolls arounds tomorrow.

One of the highlights of my time in Get Messy was sitting down last week with Caylee Grey, the leader of Get Messy and host of the Get Messy Podcast, for a little chit-chat on being an artist and having a creative practice that nourishes you from the inside-out.

Be sure to grab your art journal and hit the link below. We’ll keep you company as you push paint around.

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