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My First Facebook Live Was Tons of Fun! (So Let’s Do It Again!)

Dec 19, 2016

I did my first Facebook Live ever — and it was loads of fun. Being that this was totally new technology for me and I didn’t have the most ideal set up things went much better then I expected — and, as you’ll see in the recording below, the video showed a mirror image so understanding my four season concept takes a little mental aerobics at the beginning! But all things are figureable -outable. Plus, we got to do some FEARLESS® Painting as well!


Where the heck is the Art Journal Jam?

Aug 22, 2016

I have never had any beef with calling myself an artist. As a young itty bitty I was determined to get started on my career early by asking my grandparents to drive me to every Wendy’s Fast Food joint in a 10 mile radius so I could enter their coloring contest. I was ready. Ripe. And willing to put my stuff out there in hopes to win a Frosty or an extra large order of fries.


Art Journal Jam :: Episode 3

Aug 12, 2016

Today is Friday!!!! So you know what that means! Another episode of Art Journal Jam is here for your viewing/art journaling along pleasure! Today Tash and I get busy playing with Color, Color, Color!


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