My Yoga Journey :: Week 4


This week on My Yoga Journey I learned that:

my mind has a thing for drama,

and a fetish for getting hijacked,

that sometimes you unexpectedly fall AGAIN,

that when your body needs to rest–it needs to rest,

that negative self talk and judgement is simply hemorrhaging precious energy,

that there is more to life than this,

that this is–if I like it or not–my reality at this moment,

that all of this is perfect, ok, beautiful, and hard as hell,

that I’m changing,

that honestly I’m doing my best,

that I prefer to do yoga first thing in the morning

followed by meditation–it works better at stilling my mind than vice versa,

that I love everything I am learning right now

about yoga, spirituality, myself,

and even my FEARLESS™ Painting is feeling the shift,

that sleep is so, so healing,

that dreaming can recharge the soul,

that there are things I don’t understand yet,

that I may never understand,

that seriously I don’t need to understand,

that there is a lot to this awareness thing-


and I want to soak it all in please-

that life is simply awesome.

and that no matter what…

I can choose to live an awesome life.

every second of every day

no matter what.

my mind is not the boss of me.

heck my mind is not even me.

but that’s another blog post…for another day.

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