Getting POETIC


Here’s some of the work I created while teaching my workshop POETIC in West Palm Beach recently.

I worked with a combination of collage, charcoal, graphite, and paint on paper.

The first two were a bit larger — 18″ x 24″.



These two pieces are actually intended to be seen side-by-side.

So here ya go….


After lunch we focused on working on a smaller scale.

What I loved is that we literally created poetry by using old dictionary pages.

Be sure to check out some of the student’s work posted in my POETIC Pinterest board too — so much fun! But here’s a peek at mine…


Though, I have to admit that for months now I’ve been absolutely enamored with working in a limited palette and collage.

Maybe it’s the energy of the the materials that truly sings to me.
Or the mystery that hides in the dark areas that I’m most curious about —
It’s possible that even the starkness of white and sudden sprinkle of color is what I’m gaga for.

And yes, I do know that it’s the way pattern creates both chaos and consistency that feels like home to me.

But if you lean in closer,
c’mon, I’ll tell you quietly that I’m simply letting myself play again…
get messy and dirty
and lost. lost, lost

So sure, you can say it.
I’m getting poetic.

But that was my purpose from the get go.


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