Postcards From POETIC


A week ago today I was in gorgeous West Palm Beach, Florida hosting my workshop POETIC!  

It was a beautiful day for creating gritty, messy, poetic art work under the tropical sun!  An amazing group of artists gathered with me and I was both excited (and a little nervous at first) to share with them a peek into my process of using some of my favorite materials: charcoal, art graf sticks and most of all: paint!


Though, it was an incredibly inspiring and super fun day for all!

So much so, that the whole plane ride back to Arizona I was plotting and planning ways to translate this day into an upcoming online workshop or two!


To be honest I taught this workshop quite a bit different from my past in-person workshops I’ve done  — and that’s why I was a little nervous at first.  But out of all the workshops I’ve hosted in my life, this one felt the most juiciest, alive, and fun! fun! fun!

We went on a POETIC journey together and here’s some of the beauty that surfaced…


To see even more photos from this event please CLICK HERE.

Also, be sure to sign up for the Dirty Footprints Studio newsletter HERE — I’ll be announcing my upcoming eCourses based on this workshop real soon.


And most of all thanks so much to my dear friend Mary for opening her home and hosting this event and to all the talented, vibrant artists that shared their day and big hearts with me at POETIC.

It was truly an honor to lead you through this process and be witness to your own honest creative expression!

Love, Love, Love, SO MUCH LOVE!


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