My Year In Paint | Part Five


Today is the last day of My Year In Paint series. Thank you to those of you who have been following along.  If this is your first time here then be sure to check out Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four.

Reflecting upon my year through the progression of FEARLESS® Paintings I’ve done has been an enlightening process. I’ll definitely be sharing more of my insights in my next Sacred Path Shenanigans email — so be sure to sign up!

Though I will say that ever since I returned home from Costa Rica my creativity has been on fire! As I mentioned yesterday in Part Four, September through November tends to be the Winter season of my creative process.  I’ve gathered enough creative hindsight under my apron to confidently state that during these months I tend to slow down on the product side of creating and focus more on the internal part of my creative process. During these months is when I naturally regroup, renew, and refill the well.

Which then leads me to the Spring of my creative process, which for me begins to sprout in the month of December. Personally I don’t think this is any accident.  My birthday is on December 28th and in many indigenous cultures it is believed that we enter the Spring of our Life with our birth. So I like to think that this beautiful rhythm is locked in my creative cell memory and repeats itself each year.  That way it makes these periods of less production feel less daunting because I know that Spring is right around the corner.

Want to dig deeper? If so I would love for you to join me for my very first Facebook Live Show on Monday, December 19th at 9:30am PST (CLICK HERE to see what time that is by you.).

During this show I will guide you through a process to help you identify the Seasons of your own creative process and we’ll do a little FEARLESS® Painting too!

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Personally, knowing this little tid-bit about my creative process helps me plan more efficiently in my business and life. This concept can be applied directly to our day-to-day creative process too.  You’ll start to notice the different seasons of a painting or drawing or what have you!

Fun stuff! So come join me.  All you have to do is show up to my Dirty Footprints Studio Facebook page on Monday, December 19th at 10:30am MST or if you can’t make it then stop by later and watch the recording! It’s so easy it’s ridiculous!

Now, for the grand finale of My Year In Paint — here is a peek at the paintings I’ve been working on so far in December!

See you Monday for my first Facebook Live Show!!!! I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait!

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Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Seriously! I am so freaking excited about what I’m painting right now! So many new ideas and threads are pulling at my curiosity — all of the stuff you see below that I’ve been working on is just the beginning of something much deeper that is starting to emerge.


So first, I’ve been doing a lot of art journaling — in both my altered book that I love so much as well as my Moleskine that I’m equally fond of too.

This first journal spread cracks me up because the figures look so damn miserable.  But I was actually feeling quite the opposite.  I don’t know if it’s a habit that I have to make miserable faces or if all the people I paint just have resting misery face. Either way, it is what it is.

Now this next art journal spread gets my heart all gooey.  I created it while I was on a live call with the wonderful women that attended my IGNITE In Person Immersion this year.  It was our last of two follow-up calls we had since the retreat and I was just so proud to hear how each of their lives and careers were unfolding so gracefully since we gathered in Washington this past September.

This spread certainly doesn’t look like much, but it sure has a lot of love in it!

Wow! The face in this next spread actually doesn’t have resting misery face.  Things are looking up for sure.

Ok. Maybe I spoke too soon.

Most of my art journaling has been happening early in the morning. I made a pact with myself in returning from Costa Rica that I was going to make painting a priority in my day — that means first thing in the morning again. Doing morning pages is a creative practice I had for years and years — I’m happy to reignite it again.

The real problems start to happen when I’m pushing paint around at night too like in the two following spreads. Reason being is because I start to lose on sleep which is never a good thing for me.

Anyways, being an artist is always trying to find that delicate balance, isn’t it?

As I stated yesterday, THE first thing I did when I returned home from Costa Rica was clean, declutter, and rearrange my studio. I even started at it before emptying my luggage. And the fuel behind my cleaning streak was to make space around my beloved paint wall so I could get FEARLESS® Painting BIG again!

And well, remember that lady in the water I started way back in January? The one that’s been patiently hanging in the corner of my studio waiting for some loving? Well — we finally are romancing again.  She’s nowhere near being finished — but here’s a peek at my process so far.

Plus, yesterday I showed you the painting on canvas I did days before December.

Well, she has a sister.  Here are the two together — and I plan on doing more. I also plan on telling you more about my intention and idea behind this series later too. But for now here’s a peek at these two gems.

The next painting I’ve been working on as well has gone through quite a transformation in such a short time.  I’ve been taking pictures of the different stages as I move along and I’ve put them together for you below.  I apologize for the shitty lighting — but I’ve been doing most of my painting on this piece in the early morning when the light is not so wonderful in my studio — but the inspiration is!

You are probably wondering what the heck happened between phase 6 and 7.  Correct?

This painting kept feeling forced and no matter what I kept doing I didn’t feel in the flow with it.  So right after I took the photo for phase 6 I slapped some more paint down and then just got pissed off and started smearing it into a great big mess (I wish I would have taken a photo of that!)  But this is the reason why I really love FEARLESS® Painting so much.  Because a mess of paint is really a vortex of energy — and inside that vortex I could hear this sweet Grandmother figure wanting to emerge.

And then she appeared — and talk about making the whole painting brighter and lighter and so much more contained.

So I’ve been steadily working on her a little each day and I’m falling in love with her a bit more every each day as well.

That’s it for December and we’re only half way through! And that’s it for My Life In Paint till next year!

Be sure to join me for my first Facebook Live on Monday, December 19th at 9:30am PST. RSVP now!

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