My Year In Paint | Part Three


Hey there!!! Thanks for checking out My Year In Paint series.  If you’re just stopping by for the first time be sure to check out PART ONE and PART TWO as well.

My Year In Paint is my way of honoring 2016 through the art that I created.  Pretty simple concept, but my wish is that this series encourages you to also reflect upon your own year through the art you made.

Now onto July, August, and September. Let’s do this!

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JULY 2016

July began in a total painting frenzy! I was staying up way later than usual and pushing paint like nobody’s business. A big part of it has to do, I believe, that July is when the inferno starts to set in here in the desert so I have to stay indoors more than my liking.  Plus July has an abundance of daylight hours. Put those two together and my creative juices start pumping!

First it began by innocently finishing off an art journal of mine.  This is not something I am prone to do. I usually abandon my art journal way before I ever make it anywhere near the back cover.  But not this July -oh no.

Then I got on this kick of painting small abstracts.  I’m still working on these babies and have a goal of eventually making a total of 711 (I’ll tell you about it another day!).

But I was beginning to lose alot of sleep over these paintings — that’s how much fun they are to create.

Then right before July ended I and the lovely Tashie aired our first Art Journal Jam! This is a program of ours that had big dreams, but due to feeling quite overextended and both of us navigating some health issues, we decided to stop the jam after the third episode.  Still was a fun adventure though!

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August was all about the art journal! Most especially the altered book I started back in February at my cozy retreat with friends Jen and Rachelle.

Plus, Tashie and I filmed two more Art Journal Jams! Here they are!

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Like I said, in August I was an art journaling fiend! One of the main reasons why is because I was also putting the finishing touches on my 21 SECRETS Color, Color, Color! workshop BOLD.  Here’s one of the diddy’s I created in that workshop.  (You’ll have to join me in 21 SECRETS Color, Color, Color! to see the rest of course.)

Below are some more of my art journaling craziness that kept flowing through me during the month of August.

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Awwwww. I got to welcome in September by hosting my week long IGNITE In-Person Immersion at Camano Island, Washington. I, my assistant Hali Karla, and 6 amazing graduates of my IGNITE Online Intensive program spent a whole week deep diving into our creative practice, our dreams, and our plans for making them happen big time!

It was awesome!

Here are some photos from this beautiful event — including an art journal spread that I created while discussing marketing, money, and work flow with the ladies.  Yeah some people use Power Point Presentations — I paint!!

PS The lovely photos of my IGNITE Immersion were taken by Darrah Parker — she was there to not only be a fly on the wall for part of this event, but to also take beautiful headshots of all the ladies there so they could use them in their professional offerings when they returned home. Darrah does such an amazing job! She’s returning again for my IGNITE Immersion in 2017 too!

Once I returned back home from Washington I was on the road again. This time for my fifth annual Sedona adventure with my dear friend Chris Zydel! Every year, for the last five years, we meet up in Sedona at the beginning of September for fun and laughs!

Usually I do a little painting when I’m in Sedona, but this time I just needed to decompress and rest from all of the painting and teaching I’d been doing from the past few months — 21 SECRETS, Art Journal Jam, my IGNITE Online Intensive, and the IGNITE In-Person Immersion.  I needed rest.

So one thing I did do in Sedona was create a small Earth sculpture and that felt like enough.

When I finally got home again, my studio was a total mess and I knew it was time to burrow in and take a break for awhile.

Not much painting happened in the month of September.

And I’m cool with that. I was officially entering the Winter of my creative process.

That’s all I got for you today.

Please be sure to stop by again tomorrow for the last and final installment of My Year In Paint series. Things start to pick up again — you don’t want to miss it.

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